News: 22-Sep-09

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  1. Iraqi ‘shoe’ journalist eyes Swiss asylum
    Shoe-throwing Iraqi journalist Muntazer al-Zaidi, a reporter with Cairo-based al-Baghdadia television network, is seeking political asylum in Switzerland.
  2. Pakistan arrests militant commander
    Pakistani security forces arrest a pro-Taliban “suicide bomb mastermind” in the northwest Swat valley after he was badly injured in clashes.
  3. Taliban will not recognize any Afghan govt.
    The Taliban say that they will not recognize any government that takes power in Afghanistan, adding that it would fall after the withdrawal of the foreign forces.
  4. Pentagon delays Afghan troop request – report
    WASHINGTON/KABUL, (Reuters) – The Pentagon has told its top commander in Afghanistan not to ask for extra troops until the Obama administration completes a strategy review, The Wall Street Journal reported.
  5. King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz’s Investment
    Saudi Arabia is celebrating the opening of the King Abdullah University for Science and Technology in Rabigh, on the western coast of Saudi Arabia. It is a university for postgraduate studies in science, as it specializes in the field of research, focusing on aspects important to Saudi Arabia and the world, such as energy, desalinization, biological and industrial technology, and applied computational science. The studies will be conducted in the English language and will provide men and women from all over the world with vast opportunities.
  6. UK troops tortured Iraqi detainees, Inquiry finds
    British troops have violated international law in Iraqi prisons on numerous occasions through the “banned interrogation methods,” a public inquiry reveals.
  7. Sectarian Reason Behind The Arrest Of Shia Citizen
    Saudi authorities arrested Shia citizen Jawad Ali Hussain Al-Abdulrudha (39 years) from Mubbaraz, Al-Hasa, without any official charges or reasons.
  8. High Shia official resigned due to oppression and injustice
    A high Shia official in King Abdulaziz Sea Port in Dammam resigned due to oppression and injustice and depriving him from his promotion rights.
  9. 2 Saudi Shias released after 18 months imprisonment
    Human Rights Watch said in a report released recently, that Saudi is practicing Systematic Discrimination and Hostility toward Saudi Shia Citizens. State discrimination against Shia extends to realms other than religious freedom. The report cites discrimination in the education system, where Shia may not teach religion in class and Shia pupils learn from Wahhabi teachers that they are unbelievers.
  10. India ‘still interested in Iran’s gas’
    A senior Iranian energy official says India has once again shown interest in joining the gas pipeline between Iran and Pakistan, which was supposed to link the three countries.

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