News: 16-Sep-09

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  1. Afghanistan closes key Shia route, 6 Shias brutally martyred
    In recent week 6 innocent Shias brutally martyred by Talibani Wahhabis near the border of Pakistan. Afghanistan has closed a key route for Pakistani Shia populated Kurram tribal region, 400,000 Shias are under severe siege
  2. Lebanese Shia Cleric calls Arab Muslims to form an Arab Islamic Resisting movement
    BEIRUT- Vice head of the Islamic Shiite Supreme Council of Lebanon called today on all Arab Muslims to form an Arab Islamic Resisting movement to save all sacred Islamic and Christian sites in Palestine.
  3. Khatami to lead Tehran Qods day prayers
    Iranian authorities have announced that Ayatollah Seyyed Ahmad Khatami will lead Tehran’s Friday prayers on al-Qods day.
  4. Yemen forces martyred 31 Shia Zaidis in north
    Yemen says its army forces have killed at least 31 Shias in the northern mountains as the government intensifies its month-old offensive on minority Shias.
  5. Yemen rejects conflict mediation
    Yemen’s foreign minister has rejected any external mediation attempt in an escalating five-year old conflict between Zaidi Shias and the government.
  6. Peace pipeline not waiting for India
    Iran’s ambassador to India says an offer for New Delhi to rejoin a multi-billion dollar gas pipeline deal will not stay on the table for an ‘unlimited period’.

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