News: 11-Sep-09

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  1. Mine blast kills two soldiers in eastern Turkey
    At least two Turkish soldiers have been killed and seven others sustained injuries after a remote-controlled mine blew off in the eastern province of Van.
  2. Yemeni govt. rejects peace initiative
    Saana has rejected a plan to end the violence in Yemen proposed by the National Committee for Dialogue, calling on all citizens to stand by the government.
  3. UK defends bloody rescue of reporter in Afghanistan
    As British government comes under fire over bloody raid to free a foreign journalist in Afghanistan, Foreign Secretary David Miliband has defended the mission.
  4. Iran offers talks, but not on its nuclear program
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – An Iranian proposal made public on Thursday offers wide-ranging talks with the West but is silent about its nuclear program, a mixed message that may undercut any push for further U.N. sanctions on Iran for now.
  5. Pakistani forces arrest Taliban spokesman in Swat
    ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – Pakistani security forces have arrested the spokesman of the Taliban in the Swat valley, the military said on Friday.
  6. Yemeni tribes kidnap Russian doctor: official
    SANAA (Reuters) – Yemeni tribes have kidnapped a Russian doctor in the northeast of the country, an official told Reuters on Friday.
  7. Taliban presence seen across almost all Afghanistan
    SINGAPORE (Reuters) – The Taliban have a significant presence in almost every corner of Afghanistan, data from a policy think tank showed on Thursday, as the country lurches into political uncertainty after a disputed presidential election.

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