News: 10-Sep-09

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  1. The Martyrdom Anniversary of Imam Ali(A.S.)
    Amirul Momineen Imam Ali ibn Abi Taleb(A.S.) was martyred on 21st Ramazan 40 A.H. by an assassin who mortally wounded the Holy Imam(A.S.) with a poisoned sword in the Mosque at Kufah during morning prayers on 19th Ramazan 40 A.H.
  2. Yemeni Extremists Martyr 17 Shias
    Yemeni troops killed 17 Shias in overnight clashes in the rugged mountainous north as the army stepped up its all-out offensive, the official Saba news agency reported on Thursday.
  3. Saudi Shias to Appear for Trial for “Incitement Against the State”
    Saudi court called the prominent cleric Shaikh Tawfiq Al-Amer to appear for trial on next October as he called for widening the political participation, eradicate discrimination and offer religious freedom.
  4. Ishrat Jahan Killing: Central Govt Stands by Terror Link Affidavit
    NEW DELHI — The home ministry on Wednesday said it stood by its affidavit on the controversial killing of Mumbai girl Ishrat Jahan and three others in an alleged fake shootout five years ago after the Gujarat police claimed they were terrorists.
  5. Five girls killed in Delhi school stampede
    At least five girls were killed and 31 other students injured Thursday in a stampede at a state-run school in a crowded area of the Indian capital New Delhi, police said.
  6. German officer blamed for Afghan raid
    A preliminary NATO probe has found the German officer who ordered the deadly bombing of captured fuel trucks in Afghanistan guilty of violating procedures.
  7. 31 die as record floods hit Turkey
    Flash flooding caused by heavy rainfalls in northwestern Turkey has claimed more lives, raising the death toll to at least thirty one.
  8. Iraq market bombs kill four, wound 29
    BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Two roadside bombs exploded in quick succession in a popular market south of Baghdad on Thursday, killing four people and wounding 29, Iraqi police said.
  9. Qadr Night Ceremonies to be Held in Austria
    On the occasion of Qadr nights and martyrdom anniversary of Imam Ali (AS), several ceremonies have been organized to be held in Islamic Center of Vienna, Austria.
  10. Saudi Shias begin to perform the Night of Qadr despite the severe ban
    Despite Saudi authorities severely banned any performing of Laylatul Qadr and commemorating the anniversary martyrdom of Imam Ali (a.s) in all Shia areas, mosques, Husainiya and …, Shia mourner began to commemorate the glory of Qadr on Tuesday.

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