News: 05-Sep-09

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  1. Chavez in Tehran for talks with Ahmadinejad
    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez arrived in Tehran on Saturday for talks with his Iranian counterpart Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the news network Khabar reported.
  2. Palestinians, Lebanese Shias forced to leave UAE
    A number of Palestinians and Lebanese Shias have been forced to leave the United Arab Emirates in recent months, Palestinian and Lebanese officials said on Friday.
  3. Saudi Arabian Wahhabis taught me to kill Shias in Iraq
    Muhammad al-Hassan al-Abid al-Shimri confessed to committing crimes and murdering poeple in northern Baghdad.
  4. Three Shia leaders martyred in northern Yemen
    The Yemeni Army says it has killed three local Shia Zaidi leaders in an attack on their hideouts in Saada province in northern Yemen.
  5. Sheikh Kabalan: There is a plot to undermine who faces Israel
    BEIRUT -The vice Head of the Islamic Shiite Supreme Council, Sheikh Abdel Amir Kabalan, solicited Lebanese to calm and misjudge neither the institutions nor the people. “Israel might be behind all accusations for it refuses the power or competence of any party”, Kabalan added.
  6. Dozens dead, wounded in Yemeni clashes
    Clashes between the Yemeni Army and Zaidi local fighters have left “dozens” of people dead or wounded, just hours after the government said it would suspend its attacks against the fighters.
  7. Ex-soldier gets 5 life sentences Iraqi deaths
    PADUCAH, Kentucky (AP) – A former U.S. soldier received five consecutive life sentences Friday for his role in the rape and murder of an Iraqi teenager and the slaying of three of her family members.
  8. Iran cancels ceremony where reformer due to speak
    TEHRAN, (Reuters) – An annual religious ceremony which could have become a rallying point for Iran’s pro-reform opposition has been cancelled, Iranian media said on Saturday.
  9. Pakistani court resumes trial of Mumbai suspects
    ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – A Pakistani court on Saturday resumed hearing a case against suspected Islamist militants accused of involvement in last year’s attack on India’s business capital, Mumbai, that strained relations between the nuclear-armed rivals.
  10. Iran dismisses bomb studies intelligence as forged
    VIENNA (Reuters) – A senior Iranian official has accused the United States of feeding “forged” intelligence to the U.N. nuclear watchdog that says Iran had studied ways to make atomic bombs.

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