News: 03-Sep-09

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  1. Muslims, school officials criticize ‘Devil’ shirts
    Children who have worn the shirts to school have been sent home.
  2. Yemen blamed for rejecting peace with Shias
    Yemeni Shia fighters have declared that they hold the government solely responsible for consequences of continuing the war in north after it rejected their truce offer.
  3. Top Shia Cleric Critical of Osman Taha Script
    Iranian Shia source of emulation, Grand Ayatollah Naser Makarem-Shirazi, criticized popular Quranic script of Osman Taha as faulty.
  4. Iraq Death Toll in August Highest in 13 Months
    Official figures showed on Tuesday that the month of August witnessed the highest number of deaths from violence in Iraq for 13 months, with 456 people killed across the conflict-torn nation.
  5. Arab group in the dock for ‘belying Holocaust’
    An Arab cultural group faces trial for circulating a ‘Holocaust-denying’ cartoon as a reaction to leniency towards a far-right Dutch Islamophobe.
  6. China’s Muslim Uyghurs Forbidden to Fast During Ramadan
    Chinese authorities in Xinjiang Province have issued a notice that any Uyghur cadres or workers found not eating lunch during Ramadan could lose their jobs.
  7. Saudi Shias to Hold Quranic Meeting
    The 7th edition of Quranic meetings on “Tawhid and Shirk” (Monotheism and Polytheism) will be held in Saudi city of Saihat on September 6.
  8. 80 percent of US mosques have been radicalized by Saudis Wahhabis according to expert on terrorism
    According to Yehudit Barsky, head of the AJC’s Division on Middle East and International Terrorism, over 80 percent of mosques in the US have been radicalized by the Wahhabi form of Islam.
  9. Iran urges UNSC to disengage from nuclear issue
    Iran’s envoy to the International Atomic Energy Agency says the UN Security Council must legally disengage from the country’s nuclear issue.
  10. Baghdad bank robbers sentenced to death
    Iraq has handed death penalties to four Iraqi security officers over a multi-million dollar bank robbery in Baghdad which claimed the lives of eight police guards.

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