News: 01-Sep-09

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  1. Saudi Shia Family Under Interrogation
    Saudi authorities subjected on Sunday Shaikh Nimer’s father for interrogation and questioning on the whereabouts of his son who is on hideout.
  2. Two soldiers killed in Kashmir attack
    Suspected militants shoot dead two paramilitary troopers and lob a hand grenade into a crowded shopping area in the Indian-controlled Kashmir injuring 12 people.
  3. Israelis kill Palestinian teenager in WB
    Israeli soldiers shoot dead a Palestinian teenager and wounded two others including an ambulance driver who was providing first aid to another victim in the occupied West Bank.
  4. Study: UK Muslim youth feel demonized
    Many young British Muslims feel they have been demonized and under attack by the UK police and media ever since the September 11 events and 2005 London bombings, a study shows.
  5. Iran’s new legal chief urges release of protesters
    TEHRAN — Iran’s new judiciary chief has called for the swift release of some protesters jailed in the aftermath of the June presidential election, newspapers on Tuesday quoted a prominent MP as saying.
  6. Fresh clashes in Pakistan’s Swat valley; dozens killed
    MINGORA, Pakistan (Reuters) – Pakistani troops killed 15 militants in fresh clashes in Swat, the army said on Tuesday, taking the death toll to 45 in five days after a lull in the campaign to clear the Taliban out of the northwestern valley.
  7. 2 American, 2 British troops killed in Afghanistan
    KABUL — Bombs killed four NATO troops Monday — two Americans and two Britons — ending the deadliest month of the war for U.S. forces as the top NATO commander called for a new strategy to confront the Taliban.
  8. Iran’s Ahmadinejad plans U.N. visit: aide
    TEHRAN (Reuters) – Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad plans to address this month’s U.N. General Assembly meeting, an aide said on Tuesday, in what would be his first trip to the West since his disputed re-election in June.

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