News: 25-Aug-09

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  1. Iran puts leading reformers on trial over unrest
    TEHRAN (Reuters) – An Iranian prosecutor called on Tuesday for “maximum punishment” of a senior reformer for acting against national security, a crime punishable by death, in the fourth mass trial of moderates after the disputed election.
  2. Somali rebels defy Ramadan truce, 13 killed
    At least 13 people have been killed as rebels launch fresh attacks on pro-government forces in Somalia, rejecting calls for a truce during Ramadan.
  3. Conference on Imam Sadeq (AS) to Be Held in Afghanistan
    Afghanistan’s Academy of Sciences plans to hold a conference on Imam Jafar Sadeq (AS) in October.
  4. Shia Writer Interrogation for Criticizing an Officer
    Saudi authorities called a prominent Shia writer for enquiry on the background of criticizing an officer in Dammam police station who had insulted a Shia citizen and Shia in general.
  5. Iraq Called for Trial of Saudi Imam
    Iraqi judicial system has filed a lawsuit in the international tribunals urging them to bring the Imam of Makkah’s Grand Mosque to justice over his “Takfiri fatwas” against Shia Muslims.
  6. Many Killed, Injured in Iraq Minibus Bombs
    At least 20 people have been killed and another 10 wounded in bomb attacks on two minibuses near the southern Iraqi town of Kut, police say.
  7. Saudi Arabia frees 17 Shia political inmates
    Saudi Arabia on Monday freed 17 political inmates from the Ismaili community who had been jailed since 2000, sources said, in a new sign of easing tensions with the minority group based near the Yemen border.
  8. Pak militants destroy aid convoys for Shias
    As pro-Wahhabi insurgents continue to terrorize Shia Muslims across volatile northwestern Pakistan, three trucks carrying much-needed medical supplies for the beleaguered Shias were attacked and destroyed.

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