News: 24-Aug-09

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  1. Saudi Scholar urges the government to strike advocates of extremism
    In Saudi Arabia Wahhabism or Salafiyah are most powerful. They have penetrated in political and religious affairs and their scholars try to separate Muslims sects.
  2. Pakistani Shias facing Dangerous Situation
    Momineens of Tank (N.W.F.P) are facing situation like Karabala, Taliban terrorists have disconnected their water supply. Whenever some one goes to get water he is martyred.
  3. Mastermind of deadly Baghdad bombings arrested
    A supporter of late dictator Saddam Hussein’s Ba’ath party has confessed to orchestrating last week’s deadly truck bomb attacks in the Iraqi capital in which 87 people were killed and more than 1,000 others wounded, the Iraqi military said Sunday.
  4. Shiite clerics are prevented from entering Kuwait due to security restrictions
    According to AhlulBAyt News agency -ABNA-, Faisal Al-Doisan stressed that, despite the directives of the Emir of the country to renounce sectarianism, but unfortunately there are those who do not want this country to stability across the target for the Shiite community.
  5. Saudi Authorities failed to Arrest Shaikh Al-Nimer in an attack to Imam Hussain (a.s) Mosque
    Saudi authorities used fired arms to disperse prayers at Imam Hussain mosque in Awamia but failed for the second time to arrest Shaikh Nimer Baqer Al-Nimer on Sunday night.
  6. Over 100 Shia Muslims martyrs in Yemen, government says
    Yemeni government officials reported that Yemeni armed forces have killed over 100 Zaidi Shias following a battle to capture a town in the country’s north.
  7. Kalbani: My Exclusion Not Related to Infidel Statement Against Shia
    Shaikh Adel Al-Kalbani the former Imam of Holy Mosque in Makka refused to accept that his Infidel statement against Shia were the reason for excluding him from Imam position in Holy Mosque in Makka this year.
  8. UAE Prosecutor Claims US Man had al-Qaeda Ties
    ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates, (AP) – A state prosecutor in Abu Dhabi claimed Monday that an American man on trial in the Emirates had ties to a group backed by al-Qaeda in Iraq.
  9. Saudi Arabia Nabs 44 High-Ranking Al Qaeda Members
    Al-Qassem, Asharq Al-Awsat- Saudi Arabia announced yesterday that it had arrested 44 high-ranking members of an Al Qaeda cell. Interior Ministry spokesman, General Mansour al-Turki described this cell as being like “an engine that manipulates others while working in the shadows.” He also revealed to Asharq Al-Awsat that the security operation to arrest this terrorist cell took more than one year.
  10. Shiite Groups Announce New Alliance Minus Iraqi PM
    BAGHDAD, (AP) – Major Shiite groups have formed a new alliance that will exclude the Iraqi prime minister, lawmakers said Monday, a move likely to stoke fears of increasing Iranian influence and set back efforts to end sectarian politics ahead of January parliamentary elections.

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