News: 17-Aug-09

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  1. Wedding turns into funeral in Kuwait; 41 dead
    A tent hosting a wedding ceremony in Kuwait has burst into flames leaving at least 41 people incinerated, says fire department Chief Jassem Mansuri.
  2. At least 7 killed in deadly Pakistan blast
    At least seven people have been killed and eight more injured as a car bomb explosion ripped through a petrol station in northwest Pakistan.
  3. Indian Independence Day turns bloody in Kashmir
    Independence Day celebrations in India have turned bloody as troops kill four pro-independence fighters protesting the anniversary in Indian-controlled Kashmir.
  4. 9 killed, 19 hurt in fresh Somalia conflict
    At least nine people have been killed and a projected 19 others injured in clashes between Somali rebels and government troops aided by international forces.
  5. Iran Puts Another 28 Vote Protesters on Trial
    TEHRAN (AFP) – An Iranian court put on trial on Sunday another 28 people arrested over the post-election unrest as opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi vowed to pursue his protests in a new “Green Hope” movement.
  6. Iraqi gays face murder, torture campaign: HRW
    BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Iraqi militias are conducting a campaign of torture and murder against men suspected of homosexual activity, a leading rights group said on Monday, adding that government security forces may be involved.
  7. Reformist Iran newspaper shut down
    Iran has temporarily closed down the newspaper of leading reformist Mehdi Karoubi, who angered hardliners by saying some opposition protesters had been raped in jail, the website of his party said on Monday.
  8. Ahmadinejad plans female ministers in Iran cabinet
    TEHRAN – President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Sunday he would propose at least three female ministers in his new cabinet following Iran’s disputed election, an unprecedented move in the conservative Islamic state.
  9. French academic freed from Iranian prison
    The French academic who is part of a mass trial in Iran has been freed from prison on bail and turned over to the French embassy in good health, officials said on Sunday, as they asked that charges against her be dropped.
  10. Muslim scholars support India’s fight against terror
    Mumbai: Religious scholars and political experts from several Muslim and Arab countries Sunday endorsed India’s fight against terrorism as they participated in a seminar held at the Taj hotel, the scene of last year’s brutal terror attacks.

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