News: 31-Jul-09

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  1. Saudi authorities release trained monkeys to harass pilgrims
    Saudi authorities released trained simians (monkeys) around cave of Hira to destroy and eliminate Holy Prophet’s styles, divine revelation and harass pilgrims. According to correspondent of Fars News Agency in holy Mecca, Saudi authorities at Prophet’s Mosque (Masjid al-Nabawi) and holy Mecca are attempting to destroy Prophet’s styles, which Shia and Sunni has a common opinion about it. It is very clear that by doing these actions, Saudi authorities noticeably insult holy places, particularly cave of Hira.
  2. Eight Shias detained in less than ten days in Saudi Arabia
    The Criminal Investigation Department of Saudi Arabia has arrested Mr. Hejji Hussein Al-Hamad – 50 year — from Turaibeel village because of participation in religious events.
  3. USA, Saudi Arabia force Iraq to withdraw Shia adhan
    Director of Al-Iraqiya satellite channel said that the Shia Adhan will be omitted following a order from Iraq’s Prime Minister’s Office under the request of Saudi Arabia. Director of Al-Iraqiya news channel, Abdul-Karim Hamadi, announced: “Iraq’s prime minister, Noori al-Maliki, upon his return from America said, this decision will be implemented in order to complete the national reconciliation, that it was imposed on the Prime Minister on the request of the United States.
  4. UN releases $430m in Iraqi compensation
    The United Nations released 430 million dollars (302 million euros) in Iraqi compensation to Kuwait on Wednesday, in the latest round of payments in the war reparations scheme that began in 1994. The payment brings the total amount paid by Iraq so far to 27.62 billion dollars, for distribution to individuals, companies, governments and international organisations, the UN Compensation Commission said in a statement.

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