News: 30-Jul-09

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  1. Extremist settlers perform Jewish rituals inside Masjid-e-Aqsa
    The Aqsa foundation for endowment and heritage said Monday that a group of Jewish extremists stormed the Aqsa Mosque and preformed bizarre rituals for a half hour at the closed triple door located in the southern side of the Mosque. The foundation stressed that this violation of the sanctity of the Aqsa Mosque refers to the level of danger threatening it.
  2. Western plot to provoke Shia-Sunni strife
    Muslim brotherhood leader in Egypt warned the conspiracies of Western powers and Israeli terrorist regime to create differences and sectarian strife in the Islamic countries. Muhammad Mahdi Akif, interview with al-Alam TV on Tuesday stressed that there is no difference between Shias and Sunnis. Muslims are unique Ummah and existence of diverse religions do not damage and change the fraternity, love and coalition among Muslim Ummah.
  3. Twin bomb blasts leaves 11 dead in Baghdad’s Shia neighbourhood
    A visit by the US defence secretary to Baghdad has been marred by bomb blasts and protests against his arrival in the Iraqi capital. Eleven people were killed in two bomb attacks in the predominently Shia neighbourhood Al-Jadid on Tuesday, as Robert Gates visited Baghdad for talks with political leaders, including Nuri al-Maliki, the Iraqi prime minister.
  4. Iraq ensures enhanced security for Iranian pilgrims
    Iranian officials last week met with the directors of security contracting companies in charge of providing security for pilgrims in Iraq and discussed ways to enhance security conditions for Iranian pilgrims. “It was agreed in the meeting that the level of security for Iranian pilgrims should be boosted,” Hossein Akbari, an official at the Organization of Hajj and Pilgrimage of Iran, said. “It was also agreed that security equipment and facilities should be increased,” Akbari added.
  5. US casts doubts over Swat offensive
    A top US official has expressed doubt about whether Pakistan’s military offensive against militants in the swat Valley has killed insurgents or scattered them. “We don’t know exactly to what extent the Pakistani army dispersed or destroyed the enemy,” Richard Holbrooke, the US special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, told reporters after returning from a visit to the region on July 29.
  6. Iran’s cloned cow dies of fever
    Like his identical twin, Iran and the Middle East’s second cloned calf has died because of a high fever of unknown origin. Mohammad Hossein Nasr, the head of Royan Research Center told ISNA News Agency that the three day-old ‘Tamina’ has died with the same symptoms as ‘Bonyana’, the first cloned calf.
  7. Saudis mum over swine flu deaths
    The death of a 30-year-old Saudi man at Al-Mouwasat Hospital in Dammam on Saturday because of swine flu has created alarm among citizens and expatriates alike. Although people have not pressed the panic button yet, there is definitely a sense of unease. The private and government medical fraternity here in the Eastern Province is doing all it can to calm the frayed nerves of the population. Understandably, hospitals are refusing to reveal any new cases.
  8. Iraqi forces raid camp of Iranian exiles
    Iraqi forces raided a camp housing members of an Iranian opposition group north of Baghdad on Tuesday in a move that ran contrary to U.S. wishes and prompted clashes. Residents of Camp Ashraf claimed the Iraqi troops opened fire and beat people with batons, killing four people. The Iraqi government confirmed authorities had moved into the camp but denied violence was used against the exiles. The action sharply escalated tensions that have been on the rise since the U.S. military turned over responsibility for the camp to the Iraqis as part of a security pact on Jan. 1.
  9. Saudi women adopt spyware to monitor husbands
    The Saudi market has recently been overtaken by companies advertising spyware software. It is worth noting that, for the first time, these advertisement campaigns are being aimed at women, in particular. The companies marketing such software claim that their programs are marketed towards companies, corporations, and individuals. However these same companies market this software towards women. These advertisements are aimed particularly at married women, and use explicit language such as “Monitor your husband’s computer” and “Unlock his password.”

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