News: 29-Jul-09

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  1. Egypt Grand Mufti: It is permissible to use Shia Jurisprudence
    Egypt’s Grand Mufti, Ali Gomaa said it is permissible to use Shia Jurisprudence which is useful for Islamic Ummah and there should be no-blame for using it. According to Egyptian News Agencies, Dr. Ali Gomaa issued a Fatwa (religious verdict) based on permissible use of Shia Jurisprudence and stressed: we should confess the progress of Shias and we can collaborate with each other. There is no objection to follow Shia school of thought because there is not any difference between Sunni and Shia.
  2. Swine flu on the rise in Iran
    The number of swine flu cases in Iran has increased to forty-two, a senior official at Iran’s Health Ministry has announced. Dr. Mohammad-Mehdi Gouya urged Iranian citizens to postpone their hajj trips if possible to reduce their chances of catching the A (H1N1) flu, the Mehr News Agency reported on Tuesday.
  3. ‘Israel too weak to fight Iran’
    A senior Iranian commander has ruled out any possibilty of an Israeli attack on Iran, saying Israel is “too weak” for such an adventure. “In the event that the [Zionist] regime makes any mistake, Iran’s response would be totally devastating,” the deputy commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, Brig. Gen. Seyyed Mohhamad Hejazi, said in Tehran on Tuesday.
  4. Romania busts Israel’s human-egg trafficking
    Two Israeli doctors and three others have been arrested and are being held in detention in Romania over suspicion of trafficking in human eggs. The two Israeli gynecologists are accused of “human egg-trafficking, involvement in a criminal group, and practicing medicine without a permit,” the chief prosecutor of Romania’s Organized Crime Department, Codrut Olaru, told AFP on Tuesday.
  5. Dairy-rich diet linked to longevity in children
    Following a diet rich in dairy products such as milk and cheese can prolong longevity in children, a new study finds. While drinking whole milk, butter and cheese –rich in saturated fats — during adulthood contributes to heart disease, it can protect children against stroke and other causes of death.
  6. Netanyahu rejects call to stop settlement
    US Mideast envoy George Mitchell and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have discussed Israel’s settlements in the occupied West Bank. The two met for almost three hours on Tuesday in Jerusalem (al-Quds) to discuss the thorny issue of illegal settlements, but with little progress.

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