News: 23-Jul-09

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  1. Saudi Arabia allocates 86 Million dollars to disseminate Wahhabism
    In a recent conference held in Cairo, the penetration of Wahhabis in al-Azhar Institution and its negative effects have been researched. Furthermore the research has revealed the role of Saudi authorities to establish Wahhabi sect and to expand its extremist culture in al-Azhar Institution.
  2. Deadly clashes in Yemen
    Ten people have been killed in clashes between government forces and Shia Muslims in troubled north Yemen, a government official said on Tuesday.
  3. 6 killed in gun rampage through Turkish village
    A Turkish man along with his two sons, armed with shotguns, have raided a village in Turkey’s Baskil district, killing six people and injuring seven others.
  4. More civilians killed in north Afghanistan
    Nearly two dozen people have been killed amid an extensive military operation in the northern parts of Afghanistan.
  5. Somalia okays French military intervention
    Somalia has sanctioned French military intervention inside the country aimed at releasing French servicemen recently kidnapped by militants.
  6. Pakistan Swat Taliban leader alive: spokesman
    ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – The commander of the Taliban in Pakistan’s northwestern Swat valley is alive and has not been wounded, contrary to reports by the military, his spokesman said on Thursday.
  7. Arab countries ban young, old and sick from hajj
    CAIRO: Arab health ministers decided to ban children, the elderly and those with chronic medical conditions from attending the annual Muslim pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia this year in effort to slow the spread of swine flu.In a meeting that ended late Wednesday, the ministers, however, stopped short of calling for the cancellation of this year’s hajj — a duty for all Muslims in their lifetime — which attracts about 3 million people every year to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. The fear is that the close proximity of millions of people from around the world in late November, when the hajj takes place following peak flu season, will fuel the outbreak of the deadly disease. The ministers hope to blunt the possibility of contagion by excluding those most vulnerable to the influenza.Global deaths from the H1N1 virus have doubled in the past three weeks, to over 700 from about 330, according to the World Health Organization.
  8. Anti-Islamic shoes confiscated in Dubai
    A large quantity of women’s shoes have been confiscated from a shop by the inspection and customer protection section of the United Arab Emirate’s department of economic development because they had the word God, or Allah, printed on them. Dubai-based daily Gulf News, reported the confiscation on Thursday and said the head of the department said that the shop where the seizure took place is one of the Emirate’s biggest fashion showrooms specialising in selling women’s shoes. The official said they confiscated the shoes and issued a fine against the store after receiving multiple complaints from the public.
  9. Earth quake brings New Zealand 30 cm closer to Australia
    New Zealand has moved about 30 centimeters closer to Australia after a 7.8-magnitude earthquake jolted and twisted the country’s South Island out of shape. Global positioning systems showed that Southern New Zealand Wednesday moved slightly closer to the east coast of neighboring Australia by about 30 cm (a foot) because of the strong quake. Te Anau, a town in New Zealand’s remote Fiordland region, also moved 10 cm closer to Australia as a result of the earthquake.

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