News: 22-Jul-09

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  1. Gunmen open fire, kill seven Shia pilgrims in Iraq
    Gunmen ambushed a bus carrying Iranian pilgrims in Diyala province on Wednesday, killing five pilgrims and wounding 32 others, a provincial police source said. Early on Wednesday morning, unidentified armed men ambushed the bus carrying the pilgrims travelling from Iran to visit Shiite holy sites in Iraq at the Imam Weiss area, some 110 km northeast of Baghdad, the source said on condition of anonymity. The gunmen opened fire to the Shia pilgrims and some of the wounded were in critical conditions, the source said.
  2. Iranian inventor makes bike for the blind
    Iranian inventor Nader Majdnia designs an intelligent bicycle for the blind that he says is automatically controlled without the navigation of cyclists. “The bicycle has an intelligent control system which eliminates the need for cyclists to direct the bike,” said the Iranian inventor.

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