News: 20-Jul-09

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  1. Saudi Imam attacks Islamic schools of thought, particularly Shias
    Imam of Saad Bin Maaz mosque at Safa district in Jeddah on Friday, strongly insulted Muslim scholars in his Friday prayer’s preaches.
  2. Saudi authorities arrested the son of Shia cleric Sheikh Nimer al Nimer
    The Saudi authorities arrested on 18 July 2009 the Shiite citizen Mohammad Nimer Baqir al-Nimer, 22 years , from al- Awwamiya, a Shiite village near Qatif , in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province , a student in Jubail University , the son of the notable leading Shia cleric Sheikh Nimer al Nimer.
  3. Saudi Kingdom releases Iranian Shia cleric after torturing
    I was leaving the Prophet’s mosque when an Arab came toward me and claimed that he had seen with his own eyes that I had insulted Abu Bakr, the first Caliph by spitting on his grave. I said that I was only passing by the place and had not even cast a look at it. I denied the allegation but the witness, who was originally Syrian, swore upon Allah that I had committed such a thing….
  4. Muslim organizations vow to fight against state terror
    Muslim organizations of Erattupetta area in Ernakulam vowed to fight against the state terror meted out to the Muslim-majority place in the Kottayam district of Kerala.
  5. Indian Shias seek representation in Parliament
    Shia Muslims in India have demanded protection of their social, religious and political rights by means of representation in Parliament.
  6. Comprehensive planning needed for development of Indian Muslims: Prana
    Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee yesterday said a ”comprehensive planning” was needed in line with the Sachchar Committee’s recommendation for the overall development of Muslims in India.
  7. German troops kill 2 Afghan civilians
    US-led German troopers in troubled Afghanistan have killed two civilians and wounded two others seriously, a statement from the German military says.
  8. July bloodiest month for US-led troops
    July is shaping up as the deadliest month for the US-led forces in Afghanistan, with the foreign troops’ death toll reaching the highest in the eight-year-war.
  9. Bomb kills 12 in violence-hit Afghanistan
    A civilian vehicle has hit a roadside bomb reportedly planted by the insurgents in southwestern Afghanistan killing 12 and injuring four of the occupants.
  10. French hostages to face sharia law in Somalia
    Two French military personnel held hostage by Somali al-Shabaab fighters will be tried under Sharia law, says the group’s spokesman.

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