News: 12-Jul-09

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  1. Security head, 19 killed in Somalia clashes
    Clashes between insurgents and UN-backed government forces in Somalia result in the death of 20, including a foreign fighter and a top government security official.
  2. Maoist rebels ambush Indian police, kill 22
    At least 22 Indian police officers have been killed in an ambush by suspected Maoist rebels in the eastern Indian state of Chhattisgarh.
  3. 5 policemen gunned down in NW Pakistan
    Unknown militants have killed at least five policemen in an ambush in the Manshera district of troubled north western Pakistan.
  4. Saudi Arabia ‘seizes Iranian boats, fishermen’
    Saudi Arabia seized three Iranian boats while they were entering its regional waters in the Persian Gulf, a Saudi official has reportedly said.
  5. Five US troops killed in Afghanistan
    Five US Marines have been killed in Afghanistan, four of whom were attacked by a roadside bomb amid mounting insurgent attacks against foreign forces in the country.
  6. The apologize of German ambassador in Egypt cause of the death
    German ambassador in Egypt apologized cause of the racist death of al- Sherbini, Egyptian foreign secretary Ahmad Abolqaiz emphasized.
  7. Iraqi lawmakers protest draft law that would let some British forces stay
    Baghdad: Iraqi lawmakers loyal to Shia cleric Muqtada Al Sadr have walked out of parliament during a debate on a draft law that would let a small group of British forces stay in Iraq.
  8. Seven killed in Iraq bombings
    Seven people were killed and 66 wounded on Saturday in attacks in Iraq, including bombings at a central Baghdad billiards cafe, security officials said.
  9. Iran gives death penalty to terror cell members
    Twelve members of the Jundullah, including the brother of group leader Abdolmalek Rigi, have been sentenced to death over their involvement in a number of terror acts in Iran.
  10. Saudi authorities close Mosques to prevent Shia to hold Friday prayers
    For the third week successively the Saudi security forces put under a siege the mosque of al-Thaqba in al-Khober, a city in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province .

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