News: 07-Jul-09

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  1. Yemen Govt. sentences seven Shias to death
    A Yemeni court with hostile intent sentenced seven Shia Muslims to death on Monday after convicting them of causing deaths in clashes with army in 2008.
  2. Lutheran leader calls for end to Islamophobia
    Rev. Ishmael Noko of the Lutheran World Federation urged other Christian denominations to renounce contention with Islam. Also at the 3rd Congress of World and Traditional Religions held in Kazkhstan was WCC leader Rev. Samuel Kobia. Muslims pleased.
  3. Major Taliban leadership wiped out: Malik
    Interior Minister Rehman Malik said wiping out the major Taliban leadership from Swat adding that the security forces’ operation in Waziristan is underway against Baitullah Mehsud only.
  4. Twelve killed in US drone attack in Pakistan
    At least 12 people have been killed in a missile attack by a drone incursion over a Taliban stronghold in northwestern Pakistan near the Afghan border.
  5. Violence continues to surge in Iraq
    At least fourteen people have been injured in a fresh wave of bomb attacks which has plagued Iraq’s third largest city, Mosul.
  6. Three rebels, Indian soldier killed in Kashmir
    Two separate gun battles in India-administered Kashmir have resulted in the deaths of three rebels and one Indian soldier.

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