News: 22-Jun-09

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  1. Indian Maoists kill 12 police officers
    At least 12 police officers have been killed in a blast caused by a landmine believed to have been planted by suspected Maoist rebels in central India.
  2. Iran police arrest 457 in post-vote riot
    Despite warnings against illegal gathering, Iran’s police arrested 457 in the post-election violence that erupted in Iranian capital city of Tehran on Saturday.
  3. Qaeda vows to fire Pakistan nukes at US
    A top al-Qaeda commander in Afghanistan says his men ‘will’ use Pakistan’s nuclear weapons against the US, should they be able to get their hands on any.
  4. First Mosque to Be Constructed in Ukraine
    The construction project of the first mosque in Kiev, capital of Ukraine, started today with the presence of Islamic countries’ ambassadors and the country’s Muslims.
  5. Vandals scrawl swastikas, insults on mosque in northern France
    Police say vandals scrawled swastikas and racist insults across the doors and walls of a mosque in northern France.
  6. Muslim doctors save life of Indian anti-Muslim party leader
    For years, the Shiv Sena has earned notoriety for spreading hatred against Muslims, but on Thursday when its chief Bal Thackeray was gasping for breath, two Muslims doctors from Lilavati Hospital-Dr Jaleel Parkar and Dr Samad Ansari-rushed to his house.
  7. ‘US, Israel behind Pakistan sectarian violence’
    A senior Pakistani politician says that the US and Israel are fomenting sectarian strife in the country in order to destabilize the nuclear-armed state.
  8. US Policy toward Islamic World Has Not Changed
    The United States’ policy towards the Islamic world has not changed at all, a Bahraini Shia cleric said Saturday.
  9. Iraqi committee investigates US crimes
    Iraq has formed a committee to assess compensation claims from people who have suffered because of US military operations since the start of this year.
  10. Shias accuse Bahrain of naturalising more Sunnis
    Majority Shia Muslims of Bahrain, home to a US navy base, are increasingly agitated over what they say are government efforts to give Sunni foreigners nationality to dilute Shia numbers.

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