News: 21-Jun-09

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  1. Iran’s Mousavi calls for purge of “lies”
    TEHRAN (Reuters) – Opposition leader Mirhossein Mousavi said the Islamic Republic must be purged of what he called lies and dishonesty, sending out a direct challenge to conservative rulers after a week of unrest in Iran.
  2. “Twitter Revolution” in Iran aided by old media — TV, radio
    Media outlets covering the street demonstrations in Iran have devoted plenty of coverage to the so-called “Twitter Revolution” and the role social networking Web sites like Facebook have played in circulating photos and video taken by protesters using cell phones.
  3. Help us or we’ll grow opium, say Afghan villagers
    TALBOZANG, Afghanistan (Reuters) – Fifty-year-old Abdul Wadud walked for two hours across Afghanistan’s remote northern mountains to hear a police commander give yet more promises of aid for those who turn their backs on growing opium.
  4. 37 dead, injured in Kashmir incidents
    Clashes between security forces and protesters in Indian-controlled Kashmir have killed or injured 37 people in demonstrations on Friday.
  5. NYT reporter escapes Taliban custody
    A US reporter who was kidnapped by the Taliban seven months ago in Kabul has escaped from the mountainous region of Afghanistan and Pakistan.
  6. Main US base in Afghanistan under attack
    At least two US soldiers have been killed in a rocket attack on the main US air base at Bagram outside the Afghan capital Kabul.
  7. Iraq hands two dead bodies to Britain
    Britain’s Foreign Secretary says that the bodies of two people feared to be British hostages kidnapped in Iraq in 2007 have been handed to the British officials.
  8. Sadr City back in Iraqi forces’ hands
    The US military hands over the control of a security base to Iraqi forces some 10 days ahead of the schedule set for American troops to withdraw from Iraqi towns and cities.
  9. Suicide bombing leaves 3 injured in Tehran
    A terrorist bombing attack has targeted the mausoleum of Imam Khomeini in southern Tehran, wounding three pilgrims at the site.
  10. Qashqavi: VOA, BBC guiding unrest in Iran
    Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hassan Qashqavi pins the blame for the recent post-election turmoil across the country on US and British media outlets.

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