News: 19-Jun-09

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  1. Somali Security Minister killed in blast
    Somali Security Minister Omar Hashi Aden and former Somali ambassador to Ethiopia Abdulkarim Ibrahim Lakanyo have been killed in a blast.
  2. Hezbollah, British envoys hold talks
    Hezbollah’s parliamentary leader holds talks with British envoy Frances Guy in the first such contact in resistance group and a senior British official.
  3. US troops may stay in Iraqi cities after June
    US troops may extend their presence in Iraqi cities despite Washington’s declared plans to withdraw its forces from urban areas by the end of June.
  4. Insurgents kill 20 Algerian police
    As Algeria sees an upsurge in al-Qaeda attacks in recent weeks, gunmen ambush a paramilitary police convoy and kill 20, including a civilian.
  5. Ayatollah Khamenei to lead Friday prayers
    Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei will lead this week’s Friday prayers in Tehran University.
  6. Somalia deadly mosque blast ‘kills many’
    Fresh fighting in the Somali capital Mogadishu has killed at least 26 people, half of whom died in a mortar shell attack on a mosque after evening prayers, Somali police say.
  7. ‘US planted Taliban in Pakistan’
    The US has interfered in Afghanistan since 1960s and increased its role in 1980s after the former Soviet Union invaded the country in 1979, a Pakistani journalist says.
  8. Money won’t stop south Thai violence, Muslims say
    “I suspect the authorities (Thai) are behind it, because no one has been arrested,” he said. “Muslims don’t kill other Muslims praying in a mosque.”
  9. Behave to Shia like Christianity
    The first black imam of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Sheikh Kalbani , called Shiite clerics “heretics” again, demanding Muslims behave to Shia like Christianity.
  10. Saudi cleric who extolled Bin Laden and preached violence against religions enters Germany
    A prominent Saudi cleric who has extolled Osama bin Laden and preached violence against Shias, Jews and Christians slipped quietly into Germany for medical treatment in April and even received police protection in the hospital before his departure last month, government and medical officials acknowledged Wednesday.

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