News: 13-Jun-09

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  1. Pakistan blast kills 1, injures 8 policemen
    At least one person has been killed and eight police officers have been injured in a bomb blast in the northwestern Pakistan, according to police.
  2. Council: Iran election turnout at 85%
    Iran’s Guardian Council says the voter turnout for the presidential election was more than 85 percent, describing people’s participation as ‘unprecedented’.
  3. Israeli siege kills another Gazan patient
    A Palestinian patient has died in Beit Lahia, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip due to the ongoing Israeli blockade of the region, medical sources say.
  4. Bomb parcel defused as Mitchell enters Beirut
    The Lebanese police have defused a parcel bomb just as US envoy George Mitchell, who is on a visit following the pro-US coalition’s parliamentary win, entered the country.
  5. Saudi Arabia takes control of Typhoon combat jets
    Britain has delivered two Eurofighter Typhoon combat jets to Saudi Arabia, the first of a massive order which was delayed after an arms scandal.
  6. NATO soldiers injured, killed in Afghanistan
    Taliban forces have launched further attacks on US-led forces in Afghanistan, leaving one foreign soldier killed and three others wounded.
  7. Witnesses: Ethiopian troops enter Somalia
    Somali residents say heavily-armed Ethiopian soldiers have crossed into central Somalia by entering a border town controlled by a pro-government militia.
  8. “Shia-Sunni Dialogue” Int’l Meeting Commenced in England
    The 3rd international Islamic Union Conference on “Shia-Sunnni Scholars Dialogue” was commenced in London, yesterday.
  9. Landside win for Ahmadinejad
    According to ABNA – AhlulBAyt News agency-, Preliminary results show that Iran’s incumbent President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has won the elections in a landslide victory, gaining more than 64 percent of the votes.
  10. US Marines out of Iraq in 2010
    US Marines will withdraw from Iraq in the spring of 2010, General James Conway says, signaling the end of a mission amid resurgence of violence in the country.

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