News: 10-Jun-09

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  1. Peshawar hotel blast toll nears 75
    The death toll of a suicide blast at a luxury hotel in northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar has risen to 14 with 57 others injured, a police official says.
  2. Iraq: Car bomb explodes in southern Shiite area
    Iraqi officials say a parked car bomb has exploded in a Shiite area in the country’s south.
  3. Islamic group wants to build Germantown mosque
    The Muslim community could soon have a place to worship, learn, celebrate and mourn in the upcounty.
  4. Israeli tanks, bulldozers roll into Gaza
    Israeli tanks have crossed the border into the southeast Gaza Strip after the regime’s gunboats opened fire at Palestinian fishing boats off the coast across the strip.
  5. Army pounds Taliban positions in Pakistan
    The Pakistani military has targeted Taliban hideouts in a northwest region close to a lawless tribal belt, killing dozens in an escalation of a military offensive.
  6. Taliban commander killed in US air strike
    A Taliban commander, Mullah Mustafa, has been killed in Afghanistan’s northwestern Ghor province in a US-led coalition air strike, a US military statement says.
  7. Barack admits US role in 1953 Iran coup
    US President Barack Obama has admitted US involvement in the 1953 coup in Iran which overthrew the democratically elected government of premier Mohammad Mossadegh.
  8. Taliban Cornered in NW Pakistan by Angry Locals
    A group of Taliban fighters under siege by hundreds of angry tribesmen tried to sneak to another village in northwest Pakistan
  9. For some Tehran youth, vote is a chance to party
    As night falls, rival supporters of Iran’s presidential candidates take over the streets of Tehran in boisterous scenes
  10. Gunmen kill Mogadishu radio chief
    Gunmen have shot dead the director of a local radio station in Mogadishu, making him the fifth journalist killed this year in lawless Somalia.

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