News: 05-Jun-09

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  1. India ignores Israel, mends ties with Pakistan
    Indian President Pratibha Patil unveils New Delhi’s new foreign policy which includes an offer to reshape ties with Pakistan but ignores any mention of Israel.
  2. 74% Pakistanis say democracy is an important tenet of Islam: Survey
    In contemporary times the focus has been on Islam and its teachings, social and political.
  3. Italy’s first scarved woman runs for election
    A scarved Muslim woman is running for local elections in central Italy despite the country’s Islamophobic restrictions against women wearing hijab.
  4. Zionists worried about Iranian influence in Latin America
    The Zionist foreign minister was troubled by the growing influence of Iran in Latin America.
  5. Sadr: Obama has subtle plans to control world
    Iraq’s senior cleric Moqtada al-Sadr says Barack Obama’s speech indicates that the US wants to take a different avenue to bring the world under its control.
  6. Mosul unrest leaves 2 dead, 9 wounded
    A fresh spate of terror attacks has rippled through northern Iraq, killing at least two people and wounding nine others in the restive city of Mosul.
  7. 20 more arrests in Ergenekon affair
    Turkish police have arrested 20 more people, including 10 military officers, over their alleged role in a plan to topple the Turkish government.
  8. Refugee funds ‘running short’ in Pakistan
    The UN warns that humanitarian efforts for Swat war refugees would have to be scaled down if the international community does not come up with financial assistance.
  9. Three US soldiers killed in Afghanistan
    Three US soldiers are killed in an ambush in Afghanistan’s Kapisa province north of Kabul, taking number of the coalition forces killed in 2009 to 126.

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