News: 03-Jun-09

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  1. More Mossad Agents, Including Egyptian and School Teacher, Arrested
    Less than five days ahead of the forthcoming parliamentary elections, the Israeli Mossad-linked spying cells remained at the top of the priorities in the country…
  2. US nuclear secrets accidentally leaked out?
    Washington has published a document containing details of the precise whereabouts of hundreds of its nuclear sites as well as fuel storage areas for its nuclear weapons stockpiles, allegedly by accident.
  3. Israel rehearsing ‘doomsday’ scenario
    Sirens wailed across Israel on the third day of Tel Aviv’s largest-ever military drill which is widely believed to be preparation for another war in the region.
  4. Afghan troops kill 11 Taliban militants
    A total of 11 Taliban militants have been killed in clashes with government troops in the southern Afghan province of Zabul, a local police official has confirmed.
  5. Mastermind of Islamabad suicide attacks arrested
    City police claimed on Monday to have arrested a mastermind of two suicide attacks in the capital in March and April.
  6. UNESCO submits master plan of Quranic Garden
    The UNESCO yesterday submitted the master plan of the Quranic Garden at the Education City to the authorities in Qatar.
  7. Iraq rejects two Shia pilgrim flights from Iran
    Iraq refused entry on Tuesday to two flights from Tehran carrying Iranian pilgrims to visit Iraqi Shia Muslim holy sites, an official in Iraq’s Civil Aviation authority said.
  8. U.S. combat troops to leave all Iraqi cities
    U.S. combat forces will vacate all Iraqi cities on schedule by the end of this month, the commander of U.S. forces in Iraq said Tuesday, including the still violent insurgent holdout of Mosul.

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