News: 02-Jun-09

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  1. Iraqi PM sentences death penalty for poison gas
    Former members of Saddam Hussein’s government on trial for ordering poison gas attacks on Kurdish villages will be executed, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki vowed on Sunday.
  2. First Chinese Muslim mosque in Malaysia
    Perak will finally have its Chinese Muslim mosque. Perak Regent Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, who is also the head of the Perak Islamic and Malay Customs Council
  3. Sydney Islamic school rejected
    A controversial Islamic school will not be built in Camden after a court today rejected an appeal by the school’s backers.
  4. Minority Saudi Shi’ites get land near Yemen border
    Saudi Arabia has said it will grant free land to inhabitants of a mainly Shi’ite region near its border with Yemen, in a move diplomats say is intended to enhance security and combat crime.
  5. Film on Shia Leader’s Life
    The biography of a leading Bahraini Shia scholar Sheikh Abdulamir Al Jamri will be in a film to be shot soon.
  6. Mastermind of Islamabad suicide attacks arrested
    City police claimed on Monday to have arrested a mastermind of two suicide attacks in the capital in March and April.
  7. Massive reconstruction process in Swat, Malakand:Pakistan President
    President Asif Ali Zardari on Monday said the government, after ensuring safe and honorable return of the displaced people to their homes, would launch massive reconstruction process of the demolished property of the local people.
  8. US fatalities in Iraq highest in 8 months
    The United States has lost 24 troops in Iraq last month to make its highest death toll in the war-torn country for the past eight months.
  9. Israel abducts 13 Palestinians from West Bank
    In a fresh move, the Israeli armed forces have kidnapped thirteen Palestinians during pre-dawn raids in various parts of the West Bank, the military says.
  10. Halutz confirms Nasrallah assassination plot
    An Israeli general has verified that Israel failed in its attempt to assassinate Hezbollah’s secretary general during its second war on Lebanon.

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