News: 30-May-09

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  1. Iran hangs three over mosque bombing
    Iran on Saturday hanged three men in public convicted of involvement in a suicide bombing at a Shiite mosque this week that martyred 25 people
  2. Iraq decries Riyadh’s ‘negative positions’
    The Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al Maliki, has taken a swipe at Saudi Arabia’s ‘negative positions’ towards his country.
  3. Sharif calls on nation to fight Taliban
    The PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif calls on the nation to unite against the Taliban, as Pakistan is fighting a full scale war in the restive Swat valley.
  4. CIA Deputy Chief in Yemen for Talks on al-Qaeda
    The CIA deputy director coordinated with Yemen’s president Thursday on fighting al-Qaeda and also discussed the fate of some 100 Yemeni detainees locked up in Guantanamo Bay.
  5. 2 NATO troops, ’35 Taliban’ killed in Afghanistan
    The US-led war in Afghanistan has claimed two more coalition forces while the foreign troops claim they have killed almost three dozen militants.

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