News: 27-May-09

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  1. Rights group calls for EU ban on ethnic profiling against Muslims
    A human rights group called on Tuesday for a ban on using ethnic and religious profiling to fight “crime” in Europe after a report found it ineffective, counter-productive and discriminatory.
  2. Saudi Shias demand better rights in Yemen border area
    Minority Shias in Saudi Arabia have asked the Sunni-led authorities to end discrimination in a remote province bordering Yemen, which Saudi Arabia fears could give al Qaeda a staging post for a new campaign.
  3. Afghan authorities thrown Shia books in river
    Provincial authorities in south-western Afghanistan have thrown thousands of books, mainly about Shias or Shia Islam, into a river.
  4. 700 000 Muslims without a mosque in Athens
    Every day over 700 000 Muslims visit the illegal mosques in Athens, where under wretched conditions, as seen on the photo, religious rituals are executed.
  5. Iraq court condemns 28 Shias to death
    An Iraqi court has condemned to death 28 members of a Shias, a judicial official said.
  6. Pakistan – Muslims anger over Christians blaspheme Holy Quran
    A mob of approximately 500 Muslims launched attacks on Christians in the village of Chak, Punjab province, after five local were arrested for blasphemy.
  7. In Lahore, terrorist attack wreaks devastation
    At least twenty-three people have been killed in a suicide car bombing that destroyed a police building in the Pakistani city of Lahore.
  8. 8 die in Turkish hospital blaze
    A blaze believed to have started in the radiology department of a state hospital in Bursa, Turkey has killed eight people in the intensive care unit.
  9. Expats escape injury in Saudi Arabia bus attack
    Gunshots have shattered the rear window of a Saudi Arabian bus carrying five foreigners and a Saudi, but the occupants escaped injury, the Saudi Interior Ministry says.
  10. Bomber kills ’10 US troops’ in Afghanistan
    A suicide bomber rams its explosive-laden vehicle into a US army convoy in north-east of the war-ravaged country, killing ten troops and injuring several others.

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