News: 21-May-09

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  1. India,30 Muslims have won Lok Sabha election
    The number of Muslim candidates who have been elected to the new Lok Sabha is now 30. According to the final result of successful Lok Sabha candidates, 30 among 543 members are Muslims.
  2. Egypt warns of swine flu threat to Mecca pilgrims
    Health minister says there is large possibility A(H1N1) virus may reach Egypt with returning pilgrims.
  3. Car bomb blast leaves 41 dead in Baghdad
    A car bomb exploded Wednesday near several restaurants in a Shia neighborhood of northwest Baghdad, killing41 people and injuring more than 70, police and hospital officials said.
  4. Illegal halal meat butcher network uncovered
    An illegal network of Halal meat providers was found and dismantled in the French region of Toulon today.
  5. Bomb attack kills seven in northern Iraq
    Another bomb attack has rocked war-battered Iraq leaving seven people killed and a number of others wounded in the northern city of Kirkuk.
  6. US aircraft carrier docks in Bahrain
    As the media brims with conflicting reports of a possible clash in the region, a US Navy super-carrier strike group docks in the Persian Gulf state of Bahrain.
  7. NATO airstrike kills civilians in Afghanistan
    A NATO airstrike targeting the suspected Taliban insurgents have killed at least eight civilians in Afghanistan’s troubled south.

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