News: 14-May-09

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  1. Arabs renew calls for Israel boycott
    The 82nd conference for the Arab liaison officers of economic boycott of Israel opened in Damascus on Tuesday with the participation of 14 Arab countries amidst renewed calls for activating those offices.
  2. Religious Affairs Directorate to teach Europe about Islam
    The Turkish Directorate of Religious Affairs will open an office in Brussels next month to teach Europe about Islam.
  3. American Moslem Society…70 Years of Serving
    The American Moslem Society (AMS), one of the oldest mosques in the entire North America, is celebrating 70 years of catering for the Muslim community’s religious and spiritual needs.
  4. Pakistan- Bhakkar: Syed Shabir Embraced Shahadat
    Bhakkar: Syed Shabir Abbas martyred today morning in PIMS Hospital Islamabad who was injured in firing yesterday at 12:30 P.M in Bihal village near Bhakkar.
  5. IRIB Chief calls for Muslims reaction against kuwaiti director
    IRIB Chief Ezzatollah Zarghami has called on Muslim communities’ to react to the Kuwaiti series to prevent expansion of division-making plots.
  6. Iraqi police commander assassinated
    Unknown gunmen have assassinated a senior Iraqi police commander in a drive-by shooting in the capital city of Baghdad, authorities say.
  7. Militants seek bloodless takeover of NWFP
    A pro-Taliban militant spokesman has issued a three-day ultimatum demanding the resignation of government officials in Pakistan’s northwestern Malakand division.
  8. Iraq wants more water from neighbors
    The Iraqi parliament is urging the cabinet to ask Turkey, Syria, and Iran for a larger share of water from the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.
  9. Somali rebels ‘close to topple government’
    Somali rebels are close to seizing power as they approach the residence of Somali President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed who is under AU protection.
  10. Obama to Israel: Don’t surprise US with Iran war
    US President Barack Obama has sent a message to the Israeli prime minister to warn him against ‘surprising’ the US by launching a military attack on Iran.

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