News: 13-May-09

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  1. Saudi Shiites call for Sheikh Kalbani dismissal
    Shiites urge Saudi government to sack, try Grand Mosque Imam for ‘inciting hatred’ against their community.
  2. Yemen: State security court jails three Shias
    A state security court in Sanaa sentenced three Shias up to 12 years in prison yesterday, a judicial source said.
  3. Oldest mosque in Michigan celebrates 70 years
    The prayers feel a bit more fervent, these days, at the American Moslem Society, Muslims say. And there is much gratitude.
  4. Taliban slaughter Shia Muslims in Pakistan
    The Wahhabi-minded Taliban insurgents continue to slaughter Shia Muslims across the lawless northwestern Pakistan, media reports reveal.
  5. New Israeli railway built on Palestinian lands
    The Israeli “Peace Now” movement has revealed that the track of the new Israeli railway linking Tel Aviv to Jerusalem would be built on large areas of Palestinian lands in the West Bank.
  6. Turkish premier: Islamophobia is a humanity crime
    Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday that Islamophobia was a humanity crime.
  7. Iranian forces clash with militants, several dead
    Iran’s volunteer Basiji Forces have reportedly killed five militants near the country’s borders with Turkey and Iraq.
  8. Taliban stages attack outside US base
    Seven people have been killed in a car bomb explosion that targeted Afghans outside a US military base near the city of Khost in eastern Afghanistan
  9. Pakistan gears up to take out Taliban base
    The Pakistani army is preparing for a military operation against a key Taliban stronghold in Peochar valley in the northwestern troubled region of Swat.
  10. Pope visits West Bank, calls for Palestinian state
    Pope Benedict visited the Israeli-occupied West Bank on Wednesday to hammer home his calls for an independent Palestinian state and the lifting of Israel’s embargo on Gaza.

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