News: 12-May-09

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  1. Muslim leaders unite against the Taliban
    Mainstream Muslim religious leaders in Pakistan have formed an alliance to openly oppose the Taliban…….
  2. Iran protests Saudi insult to female pilgrims
    Iran’s Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization has expressed strong protest against the fingerprinting of Iranian women pilgrims by Saudi airport officials.
  3. Israel plans to remove Muslims and Christians from Jerusalem
    Israel is trying to strengthen the status of Jerusalem as its capital through a multi-year development plan that removes both the Muslim and Christian character of the city from sight, an article published in The New York Times on Saturday asserts.
  4. Prisoners try to blow up Muslim inmates
    A bomb made by jail inmates to blow up Muslim prisoners came within moments of exploding outside a prayer meeting.
  5. EXTRA: Hamas lawmaker: Arabs welcoming Pope harm Prophet Mohammed
    Arab governments which welcome Pope Benedict XVI harm the Prophet Mohammed more than the pontiff’s controversial statements against the founder of Islam, a Hamas lawmaker said Monday.
  6. UN calls for Palestinian state, Israel bites back
    As the world grows wary of the dormant Middle East peace process, Israel comes under pressure to commit to establishing an independent Palestinian state.
  7. Zardari: US, Pakistan gave birth to Taliban
    President Asif Ali Zardari says Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence along with the CIA conceived and gave birth to the Taliban.
  8. US soldier, ex-Iraqi commander killed
    The US military has suffered another loss in war-ravaged Iraq after an American soldier lost his life in a bomb blast in the southern port city of Basra.
  9. Hezbollah ‘helped crush Mossad’ in Lebanon
    A senior Lebanese security official has declared that the security branch of Hezbollah movement has played a key role in detecting the Israeli spies in Lebanon.
  10. Jordan’s king warns about new Israeli-Arab war
    Jordan’s King Abdullah says if Middle East peace talks are further delayed, there would be a new war between Arabs or Muslims and Israel in the next 12-18 months.

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