News: 11-May-09

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  1. Shias Plan to Take Saudi Clerics to Int’l Court
    Shias in Egypt and Iraq are planning to take Saudi clerics to an international court for incitement to violence against the Shia minority.
  2. Islamic meet in Istanbul
    Turkey’s official Directorate of Religious Affairs will host the 7th Eurasia Islamic Congress on Islam this week in Istanbul.
  3. Saudi: Qatif prominent Shia leader accuses Imam of holy Mecca
    Qatif Friday prayer, Sheikh Hasan al Saffar, demanded to dismissal the Imam of mosque in holy Mecca because of his insults to Shia Muslims.
  4. Taliban addressing Shias: Accept Islam or will be Killed
    In recent stormy situation of Pakistan, Talibani terrorist regime seized power of some areas and begun to force out Ahl-ul-Bayt’s followers from their territories.
  5. Bahraini Shias petition king to change naturalization policies
    Islamic Shias, leftists, and Pan-Arab groups hope to have between 250 to 300 prominent figures sign their names over the next 10 days to an appeal to King Sheikh Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa calling for an end of what they called an alleged “political naturalization” scheme by forces in the government.
  6. Iraqi child killed by US soldiers
    American soldiers have killed a 12-year-old Iraqi boy in the northern city of Mosul, claiming that he was paid by insurgents to attack their convoy.
  7. “Turkey’s first woman-designed mosque opens in Istanbul”
    Turkey’s first mosque designed by a woman was opened in Istanbul on Friday with the Grand Mufti of the city describing the Sakirin Mosque as both modern and respectful of Turkish culture.
  8. Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood dismisses Obama speech
    Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood dismissed Saturday U.S. President Barack Obama’s plan to deliver a speech to the Muslim world from Egypt as part of a plan to keep Arab and Muslim states divided.
  9. Pakistan: Up to 700 militants killed
    The Pakistani government says the country’s military offensive against militancy claims the lives of up to 700 militants in northwestern Pakistan.
  10. US attacked Afghanistan with white phosphorus?
    Human rights and medical officials say that they suspect white phosphorus was used by US-led forces in an attack last week on civilians in Afghanistan.

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