News: 06-May-09

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  1. Kuwait’s Salafis call voting for women a sin
    Kuwait’s Islamist Salafi movement called Monday for a boycott of women candidates in the upcoming parliamentary elections on the grounds that public offices are reserved only for men, sparking outrage from female candidates and activists.
  2. DIKhan: Syed Ghulam Abbas Shah shot martyred
    Syed Ghulam Abbas Shah s/o Syed Ghulam Akbar shot martyred at 3:30 PST near Bazar Kalan, D I Khan by Yazidi terrorists. Shaheed was serving as Agricultural Assistant Direct in the district.
  3. Iraq insists on US leaving cities by June 30
    Iraq’s government Monday ruled out allowing U.S. combat troops to remain in Iraqi cities after the June 30 deadline for their withdrawal, despite concern that Iraqi forces cannot cope with the security challenge following a resurgence of bombings in recent weeks.
  4. Lebanon arrests six more Israel ‘spies’
    Lebanese authorities have arrested six more people on suspicion of spying for Israel, taking to 16 the number of suspected spies arrested since January, an army spokesman told.
  5. Iraq: Israel should compensate Osirak attack
    The Iraqi parliament is taking steps to force Israel to compensate for its air strike on the country’s nuclear power plant in 1981.
  6. The Silent Massacre
    Tucked away between soaring snowy-peaks and deep gorges in the fragile north-western region of Pakistan is the tiny town of Parachinar.
  7. Maltese Muslims convene to protest the closure of their worship place
    Scores of Maltese Muslims have gathered in the northeastern town of Sliema to express their fundamental human rights over the closure of their worship place in the town.
  8. A well known Wahhabi: I misuse “Alalam TV”
    Shikh “Solaiman ben Ahmad Doeesh” one of the Saudi Arabian well known Wahhabi who invited in some programs of the news channel of “Alalam TV”, express his hateness of Shiite.
  9. Many die in Turkish wedding party carnage
    At least 45 people were killed when masked assailants attacked a wedding ceremony with automatic rifles and grenades in southeast Turkey, authorities say.
  10. Taliban using civilians as ‘human shield’
    Taliban militants in Pakistan are holding thousands of civilians as human shields against an offensive near Islamabad, Pakistan’s army says.

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