News: 30-Apr-09

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  1. AIPAC pushing for new Iran sanctions bill?
    Influential Israeli lobby group in the US, AIPAC is to push for a newly crafted resolution designed to choke off Iranian gas imports.
  2. Majlis takes stand against Ahmadinejad plan
    Iranian Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani has expressed strong opposition to a government plan to restructure two state organizations.
  3. Three Shiites Martyred in Dir Ismail Khan
    Yazidi Terrorist group, known as Sipah e Sahaba, had martyred 3 innocent Shiites in Dir Ismail Khan, North West of Pakistan.
  4. Yemen Shiite suspects on trial
    Nineteen Shiites accused of belonging to a rebel group were on trial in two separate Yemeni courts on Sunday accused of plotting a spate of bombings in the capital.
  5. Assad to Obama: Leave Iraq or face crisis
    Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has warned Obama that Washington will face a crisis in the Middle East if he does not pull US troops out of Iraq.
  6. A veiled Muslim woman at the US White House
    Religiously veiled, Dalia Mogahed is indeed the first American Muslim of Arab descent to enter the White House every morning with an Islamic headscarf to advise a United States President.
  7. Lebanese Shiites protest US envoy
    Some 500 Shiite Hezbollah supporters shouting anti-American slogans have protested in a village in southern Lebanon after learning of a possible visit by the U.S. ambassador.
  8. Secret Christian Church in Mecca
    Christians have set up an underground church in Mecca, the Muslims’ holiest city, while tens of thousands of other Saudi Christians are worshiping via the Internet.
  9. Shiite bias claims laid bare after showdown
    Sheikh al Nimer, whose defiant words have put him in jail before, declared in a sermon in March that Shiites must demand their “dignity to be restored in all permissible ways”, but if necessary “we will call to secede from this nation”.
  10. Taliban are Enemies of Pakistan and Islam
    The Taliban hordes now sit dangerously close to Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, and many both inside and outside the country fear that they are poised to possess the souls of a nation of 173 million.

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