News: 27-Apr-09

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  1. Blaring speakers removed from 43 Baha mosques
    Inspectors from the Ministry of Islamic Affairs recently removed blaring speakers from 45 mosques in the western province of Baha because they were too loud and smothered out the broadcasts of other mosques.
  2. Indonesia: Ministry to invest Haj funds in Islamic bonds
    The Religious Affairs Ministry will put Rp 9 trillion (US$828 million) of Haj and Ummah Trust funds in sukuk (Islamic bonds) to better manage the funds for the benefit of Muslims who want to conduct Haj pilgrimage.
  3. Another Israeli Mossad-Linked Cell Uncovered in Sidon
    Once again, Lebanese security forces were able to discover an Israeli Mossad-linked cell operating in Lebanon!
  4. Iraq Tightens Security at Shrines
    Iraq tightened security Saturday at major Shiite shrines in response to two days of suicide attacks targeting worshippers – including one at a revered Baghdad tomb that was the single deadliest bombing in the country this year.
  5. Americans accused of fuel theft in Iraq
    A group of Americans have stolen $40 million worth of jet and diesel fuel from the United States military’s most secure compound in Iraq.
  6. 6 policemen killed in new Afghan violence
    At least six Afghan security agents have succumbed to death in a fresh spate of violence and bomb attacks in Afghanistan.
  7. 3 more Israeli ‘spies’ arrested in Lebanon
    Three suspects have been arrested in southern Lebanon on charges of being part of an Israeli espionage ring, Lebanese sources say.
  8. India: Pakistan sending terrorists to Kashmir
    India has accused Pakistani forces of sending militants into Kashmir, after a captured militant admitted that his comrades have infiltrated into the region.
  9. Top Pakistani officials meet on Taliban progress
    Top Pakistani officials including army Chief General Kayani and President Zardari have met to discuss Taliban’s advancement towards Islamabad.
  10. Pakistan ‘in deep trouble’: Report
    Pakistan is the one of the most unstable countries in the world suffering from terrorism, political chaos and a falling economy, a report says.

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