News: 22-Apr-09

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  1. Islamic banking attracts rising number of non-Muslims: Expert

    An increasing number of non-Muslim expatriates here are getting attracted to Islamic banking, says a senior Doha-based banker.

  2. Russian Translation of the Book “Shiite” to Be Published in Moscow
    The Russian translation of the book “Shiite” written by “Seyyed Mustafa Mohaghegh Damad” will be printed and published by the Iran’s Cultural Center in Moscow.
  3. Bahrain: Shiites eulogize pardon
    A royal pardon in Bahrain that freed 22 activists has been praised by Shiite opposition leaders. They said Tuesday that the releases helped defuse tensions
  4. Saudi high official denies bigotry among citizens
    Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia’s Minister for Interior Affairs Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz has rejected existence of any official discrimination among Saudi citizens.
  5. Pakistan: 2,000 terror acts in over 1 year
    Pakistan has witnessed close to 2,000 terror-related incidents in just over a year as Taliban militants launch a campaign to take over the country.
  6. 1,500 farmers commit suicide in India
    More than 1,500 farmers in central India have reportedly committed mass suicide in the wake of crop failure and increasing debt.

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